It is the philosophy of ADANO ENGINEERING that accidents / injuries are preventable and therefore unacceptable in her operations. ADANO ENGINEERING always integrates safety into her business and will vigorously pursue all accident prevention programs through her well-structured and effective HSE systems. ADANO ENGINEERING construction activities are always organized, planned and executed in such manner as to: Protect and promote the health of its workforce as well as to conduct its activities in such a manner as not to adversely affect any third party. Avoid injury to any worker, sub-contractors and third parties who are either involved in or are affected by ADANO ENGINEERING construction activities. Ensure the personal security of the work force and third parties. Minimize the impact on the environment in which ADANO ENGINERING operates. Every employee & sub-contractor of ADANO ENGINEERING shall perform his/her work in accordance with this policy and work must be suspended when it is believed that essential safety systems are not in place.