Adano Engineering offers maintenance services on-site repair for all API above-ground storage tanks.
Our expertise includes:
• Shell Inserts – removing and replacing damaged or corroded tank shell plates.

• Modifications – modifying and replacing man ways, nozzles, associated piping, internal heating coils, ladder  platforms and other tank appurtenances.

• Foundation Work

• Bottom Replacements  – removing and replacing of bottoms, including contaminated soils, secondary containment liners  and catholic protection systems. Even if high levels of LEL’s (lower explosion  limits) are found under the tank bottom, Adano has the experience in cold-cutting to remove the bottom of the tank without the risk of fire.

• Roof Replacements – removing and replacing of damaged or corroded roof structure including internal and external floating roofs, supplying and installing floating roof seals.

Our staff are willing to meet with your maintenance manages to consult with you on your maintenance requirements. We will develop a plan to provide your ongoing maintenance, or to conduct repairs to your tanks. We offer maintenance programs and spot repair services, with cost-plus, unit price or lump sum price plans.